Intruder Alarms

Improve security around your business

Ensure that your business premises are fully insurance compliant and are protected by an intruder alarm system.

Keep your employees safe & secure

If you’re aiming to improve security around your business premises, an intruder alarm system is essential.
ProLogic Systems is able to design and devise an insurance approved system for anything from a small shop to a high specification bank.

Why use an Intruder alarm?

    • Intruder alarms are a visible deterrent making potential intruders think twice before acting, as well as sounding the alarm and/or notifying a remote centre when someone has broken into a property.
    • Intruder alarm systems are typically either ‘bells only audible alarms’ or ‘remotely monitored alarms’ with either a key holder only or Police response which is an additional service we can provide.

    Modern alert solutions

    Modern solutions also provide Internet based phone apps which send alerts to your phone and allow you to control the alarm system from a remote location.


    "We have been using ProLogic Systems for over 5 years and have been extremely impressed with the services they have provided to us. ProLogic initially helped with a system installation after being recommended by the electrical contractor, we now use their services regularly to carry our simple camera moves through to large scale building redevelopments."

    "The services of ProLogic have never let me down, the engineers have always arrived on time and costs are always accurate with no over charging. I have always recommended ProLogic's services when asked and will continue to do so."

    "It is a great pleasure to finally find a dedicated and supportive contractor that can maintain and respond reactively to issues as they arise."

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