Biometric Security

Biometric systems improve convenience

Biometric security systems can also offer users more convenience. It is easy to forget a card or key, but you always have your biometrics with you.

Biometric Systems are the future

One of the key benefits of biometric security devices is that they can help to increase your protection. It is much harder, for example, to clone or steal a fingerprint than an access card.

Types of Biometric Authentication

Fingerprint Scanners

Facial Recognition

Voice Recognition

Eye Scanners

Advantages of Biometric Security

    • Improved security – Extremely difficult to replicate fingerprints as opposed to keys and passwords
    • Higher accuracy – Fingerprints have almost 100% accuracy during authentication
    • Greater convenience – No more remembering passwords or losing keys!

        Strengthen your security

        For high- security environments, iris recognition provides the best accuracy, followed by palm vein recognition.


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